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Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercise Cary NC

Group Exercise Classes

Do you like the idea of working with a personal trainer, but like the group environment? Prue Physical Therapy & Sports Performance is excited to announce our new group exercise classes. These classes are designed to help you reach your health/fitness goals using a fun and motivating group format. New to exercising? No problem, our classes are meant to be small so our certified personal trainers can make modifications and adjustments to fit your fitness level and experience. Pick your favorite classes, bring your friends, have fun and work towards a healthier and fitter you.

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Functional Fitness Class

This is the class that got the group exercise program at Prue Physical Therapy started. Join one of our certified personal trainers in a 45 minute long circuit training style class. This class will help you build strong lean muscle, burn fat and improve cardiovascular health.

Hips, Core and More

Your core isn’t just your abs. Your core is a complex unit of muscles that work together to help our bodies move. That’s why our Core Strength class is more than just abs. We’ve combined a unique blend of exercises, using techniques similar to a mat Pilates class in order to strengthen your abs, hips, low back and all the muscles that comprise our “Core”. This class is great for anyone who wants to build a strong core, improve their flexibility, reduce back pain or just burn some extra calories.