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About Us

How We Approach Physical Therapy

Have you previously been to physical therapy where you were passed from therapist to therapist, where you did a series of exercises while the therapist ran around the crowded clinic to see their other 3 patients? At Prue Physical Therapy and Sports Performance will utilize a ONE ON ONE treatment model, which means you see the same clinician every visit and that clinician spends the entirety of your visit with you. We believe that a combination of hands on manual therapy, a supervised exercise program where the therapist actually looks at the way you move opposed to just counting reps, and patient education is the best way to get fast results. Time is spent making sure the patient understands why they are performing a specific exercise and how it is supposed to feel. Higher quality of care and focused attention means fewer visits and better results than a traditional physical therapy clinic. Nothing is more satisfying to a patient or a clinician than seeing that patient have less pain, move better and meet their goals quickly, which is why we use this ONE on ONE model.

Meet Kevin Prue, PT, DPT, CSCS

Dr. Kevin Prue is the president and director of Prue Physical Therapy and Sports Performance. He is a graduate of the Duke University Doctor of Physical Therapy program. His clinical training was done at Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro NC, Martin General Hospital in Williamston NC, and Duke University Sports Medicine. His clinical areas of focus are hands on manual therapy, orthopedics and sports medicine. He has worked with a wide array of patients including youth, recreational, high school, college and professional athletes as well as non-athletes. He is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Due to his unique background and clinical experiences, he has developed the skills necessary identify and manage orthopedic and sports injuries as well as other movement dysfunctions, in order to help his patients and clients decrease pain, improve performance and move better. Recently Dr. Prue was named to the inaugural class of Cary Magazines Movers and Shakers, recognizing professionals under the age of 40 who are working towards making Cary a better place to live.

Away from the clinic Dr. Prue participates in a variety of community service and other projects. He is on the Wake County Health and Fitness Council, which helps promote physical activity throughout Wake County. Recently he also accepted an adjunct faculty position at Wake Technical Community College teaching in their Health and Fitness Sciences program.

Prior to Duke, Kevin was a college baseball player who encountered a series of arm injuries, which ultimately lead him to the field of physical therapy. Due to his personal background, he places a high value on injury prevention programs for youth athletes and maximizing an athlete’s biomechanics in order to keep them in the game pain free. Kevin believes that each patient who comes to Prue Physical Therapy and Sports Performance requires a program specific to their needs and goals, which is why he believes they deserve a therapist’s full attention during their visit. Unlike other clinics where a therapist may see 3 or 4 patients at once, Kevin spends his focus on one patient at a time, providing appropriate hands on manual therapy or supervised exercise programs, with the attention to detail that is unparalleled by other clinics.

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