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Now Accepting New Patients! 919.678.8828

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What Makes Us Different?

What Makes Us Different From Other Physical Therapy Clinics?

Why choose Prue PT over other physical therapy clinics? Our clinic proudly serves the Cary, Raleigh, Morrisville, Apex and surrounding areas by providing fast and effective care. Our physical therapists have extensive knowledge of working with sports and orthopedic injuries. No long waits for appointments and no sharing appointments with other patients. All physical therapy appointments are one-on-one and you are never given an exercise sheet to perform alone in the clinic while your physical therapist works with someone else. We understand that if you are seeking help from a physical therapist, your goal is to return to your favorite sports and activities. So our physical therapists will do our best to identify the root cause of your pain and provide you with the tools necessary to get back in the game quickly and successfully. Learn more about our physical therapy services by viewing our physical therapy page.

Why Choose Prue PT for Personal Training & Sports Specific Training?

If you think you can’t start training because of an old injury or you had pain while working out with a different trainer, our clinic may be right for you. Unlike other facilities, we combine the knowledge of a physical therapist and a certified strength and conditioning coach to develop programs to meet the unique goals and backgrounds of each athlete and individual. We understand that your goals may be very different from the client who comes in before or after you, so you need someone who will listen to your goals and develop a program specifically for you. At Prue Physical Therapy & Sports Performance we understand the athlete mentality. If you are a high school athlete trying to make the jump to varsity, or go from the bench to the starting lineup we can help give you that edge. For the weekend warrior we can help you achieve those goals of getting back to your glory days of fitness. Even if you aren’t an athlete and you just want to lose a few pounds, increase your strength, or just feel better about your health, we can help you succeed. At Prue Physical Therapy & Sports Performance we are there to help you meet your goals. We know that a good exercise program is a great place to start, but we also provide the motivation and counseling you need along the way. Learn more about our personal training and sports performance services by viewing our personal training and sports performance page.

Curious About Fitness Consulting?

A program unlike any other offered in the area. This program is available to anyone who needs some coaching along their way to improved health, but doesn’t necessarily need a place to train. Have you been discharged from a different physical therapy clinic, but feel you still need to progress your home exercise program? Do you already work out at a different gym, but don’t want to pay a personal trainer? Are you bored with your current workouts, but don’t know what to do next? Our fitness consulting program may be the solution you are looking for. We provide you the guidance you need in the form of a cost effective month long exercise program. What makes this program so unique is that we walk you through the full program in our clinic so you have an understanding the correct form and purpose of each exercise. You also have access to a physical therapist and a strength and conditioning coach throughout the month in case you need extra motivation or advice. Learn more about fitness consulting here.

At Prue Physical Therapy & Sports Performance we are passionate about your health and fitness goals. Whichever service you choose you can be sure you will receive personalized, timely, and compassionate care. Call us and come see the difference.