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Mobility Screenings

Physical Therapy Mobility Screenings and Injury Prevention

Not injured now, but want to start and injury prevention program? Do you think you have tight hamstrings, or no shoulder mobility? Does it hurt every time you try to squat or perform a lunge? Our mobility screening program is right for you. This quick and easy 15-20 minute screen allows our Cary NC physical therapists to analyze your strength, flexibility, mobility and stability to determine if there are any underlying factors that could lead to pain, injury, or just negatively impact your performance. We will provide you with a complete analysis, and you will have the option to address any problems at home or with one of our skilled physical therapists or personal trainers. If no problems are found, this information will stay with us in the clinic so we can track your progress year after year. Similar to how you get your blood pressure or teeth examined annually, protect your muscles, joints and bones from future injury with our mobility screen.

Right Now Try a Mobility Screen for Free

Come in for a free mobility screening (a $35 value). Take advantage of this opportunity to get your baseline levels evaluated before time runs out. FMS Cary NC