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Rates & Insurance

Why don’t all healthcare providers provide their patients and clients with information on pricing?

Have you ever been blindsided by a huge medical bill 2 or 3 months after your visit to a healthcare provider? Did you have no idea what the different codes or charges on your bill were and why they were so expensive? Do you wish you could have known what the cost of certain tests or procedures were before they were given to you so you could decide if they were even necessary? Unfortunately, it’s usually easier for businesses to keep that information out of the consumer’s hands until it’s too late. As deductibles, co-insurances and co-pays continue to increase. Consequently, consumers are being burdened with increased out-of-pocket costs for their healthcare services regardless of whether their provider is in or out of network.

In our effort to simplify the process and to empower our patients/clients to become informed consumers, we felt it was only appropriate to provide a detailed pricing structure to assist individuals in their decision-making process. We can guarantee you will not receive any unnecessary services to increase the total cost of your bill and you will not receive any confusing bills 2-3 months after you stop receiving services from us. Read our article on value-based healthcare for more information on how to avoid the pitfall for paying too much for your healthcare.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Evaluation: $125

1 Hour Physical Therapy Treatment: $125

30 Minute Physical Therapy Treatment: $65

Running Analysis: $125

Personal Training, Sports Performance, and Injury Prevention Programs

Personal Trainer – Individual

1 Hour Sessions

1 Session: $60

30 Minute Sessions

1 Session: $45

Personal Trainer – Partner Training

1 Session: $70 ($35/person)

Fitness Consulting (1 Month Membership)

First Month: $150

Each month after your initial visit:

1-3 Training Days: $99

4 or more Training Days: $150


Prue Physical Therapy & Sports Performance operate as an out-of-network provider for physical therapy services. We operate this way in order to provide the individualized and hands-on care that we believe every patient deserves. If you decide to file with your insurance company, we will provide you with the necessary documentation and can help with the process.

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