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Running Analysis Program

Physical Therapy for Runners

Prue Physical Therapy and Sports Performance wants you to become a better and healthier runner. Our running analysis program is designed to help detect running errors that can lead to overuse injuries and help you improve your running efficiency. This program is different from traditional gait analysis programs that you may have experienced in the past because we incorporate top of the line video analysis, physical therapy assessments, and strength and conditioning style exercises.

1. Functional Movement and Mobility Screening
2. Video Analysis of Running Mechanics
3. Home Exercise Program

Need More Visits

Some athletes choose to remain with us for continued care after they receive their results from the running analysis program. Some athletes want to progress their home exercise program under the supervision of our physical therapists and personal trainers or require manual therapy to help correct some of the mechanical errors found during the assessment. Manual therapy techniques can be soft tissue mobilization, hawk grips therapy or joint mobilization. These techniques have helped athletes make the necessary changes to mobility deficits faster than stretching alone at home.

Running Analysis Program Rates