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Injury Prevention Programs

Injury Prevention

Physical therapists aren’t just great at helping rehab an injury, physical therapists are trained at preventing injuries as well. Our Cary NC physical therapy office offers injury prevention programs unlike anything offered in the area. We start with a functional movement screen and bio-mechanical assessment to identify any of your risk factors for having an overuse injury. These risk factors may be weak muscles, decreased range of motion, impaired motor control, decreased balance and stability or impaired mechanics. We can also tailor these assessments to your particular sport or activity. After the screening process is complete our physical therapists will provide you with an individualized home exercise program to correct any of the problems we find. Come in for your yearly screen to track how you are moving now in comparison to previous years, and keep up to date on the best exercises you should be performing at home to help keep you healthy and pain free.

Bio-Mechanical Assessment and Screening

We use a functional movement screen to get a big picture look at how you move. By looking at these movements we can narrow down specific areas that you may need to improve upon in order to move better and reach your full potential. Our bio-mechanical assessment can break down the specifics of your sport or activity to help improve your performance. Below are some of the common assessments we perform:

1. Golf Swing Mechanics
2. Running Analysis
3. Throwing Mechanics
4. Tennis Swing Analysis
5. Lifting Mechanics
6. Jumping and Landing Mechanics

In The Clinic Care

You have the option to continue improving your performance and health by starting a formal injury prevention program in our physical therapy clinic under the supervision of a physical therapist and a certified strength and conditioning coach. Your program will be customized to correct the problems found during your assessment and can include any of the following:

plank pull

1. Corrective Exercises
2. Flexibility Training
3. Soft Tissue Mobilization
4. Joint Mobilization
5. Motor Control Training
6. Continued Bio-Mechanical Analysis and Coaching
7. Balance and Stability Exercises