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Do you only treat athletes?

Nope! At Prue Physical Therapy and Sports Performance, we provide physical therapy, personal training/sports performance training and massage therapy to athletes and non-athletes. So, if you are in pain, or just want to improve your health or performance, come see us.

What is the difference between personal training, sports performance training & physical therapy?

Physical therapy is for individuals who are currently injured, having pain, or have a concern about their mobility and quality of life. Personal training and sports performance training are offered to those individuals who are looking to improve their health or performance by working on their strength, flexibility, speed and power, but do not have any current physical impairments.

Can I start a personal training or sports performance package after I complete my physical therapy?

Of course! Once you have reached your physical therapy goals and no longer need the hands-on care of a physical therapist, you can continue your path to improved health by starting a personal training or sports performance program. By staying on with us after your PT is complete, you get the benefit of progressing your current physical therapy exercise program to a full body workout, to help reduce the risk of suffering from the same injury again.

Do I have to register for Group Exercise Classes?

Yes we require you to register for Group Exercise Classes so we can ensure each group gets the personalized attention they deserve. We use Sign Up Genius to register for classes, and you can find a link to register for classes by clicking on Group Exercise Class Schedule under our Group Exercise Class tab.

Do I need a referral to be seen?

No, as a patient you have direct access to physical therapy in North Carolina. This means no referral is needed to see a physical therapist and you as a patient have the right to choose your physical therapist. In some rare occasions insurance plans may require a referral for reimbursement purposes. At Prue Physical Therapy and Sports Performance, we value a patient’s independence and right to choose their providers, that way they get the care they deserve. So instead of waiting 2 or 3 weeks to see a physician or another provider, you can call us and make an appointment today.

Do you accept insurance?

We operate as an out of network provider for most insurance companies. Payment to Prue Physical Therapy and Sports Performance is due at the time service is provided. In order to use our ONE on ONE treatment approach we have to operate this way in order for patients and their clinicians to dictate how treatment should be applied. We can help you understand your insurance benefits, but ultimately it is the patient’s responsibility to know their insurance benefits.

Can I file for reimbursement through my insurance company?

In most cases yes, patients can file for reimbursement through their insurance provider for physical therapy services at Prue Physical Therapy and Sports Performance. Reimbursement depends on each patient’s specific insurance plan, so we cannot guarantee reimbursement, but typically patients will get at least partial reimbursement for physical therapy services paid directly to you the patient. We will provide you with the necessary paperwork to file with your insurance provider or we can help you file the paperwork.

What is the Process For Filing Insurance

The process differs for each patient and each insurance plan. We recommend checking with your insurance provider to see what steps you need to take if you are going to choose to file a claim with your insurance company. Important things to check are whether or not you need prior authorization, what your deductible/co-insurance obligations are, and what your co-pay is, because all these factors will play a role in obtaining reimbursement. If you have questions, please call our office and we will do the best we can to help. We will provide you with a super-bill after each appointment with the necessary coding to help speed up the filing process.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes for certain circumstances we can arrange a payment plan for services provided at Prue Physical Therapy and Sports Performance, to learn more visit us or call us.

What is manual therapy?

Manual therapy is a broad range of treatments that involve joint mobilizations, soft tissue mobilizations and other therapeutic interventions provided by the hands of a licensed physical therapist.

What is a movement screening?

A movement screen is a process overseen by a licensed physical therapist to identify poor movement patterns as well as areas of weakness which can be improved through an appropriate exercise program. We also like to call these mobility screens, because being mobile is crucial to being healthy. Generally, these screens are for individuals who are not in pain, but would like to start an injury prevention program, which can be done at home or in the clinic.