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3 Essential Cooldown Exercises to Improve Your LE Flexibility

Stretching exercises after a workout are so easy to forget or push aside outside of a group setting. Our agonistic muscles–the muscles we contract to drive our exercises–can become tight after repeated or sustained contractions during exercises. Neglecting to stretch them out afterwards can help contribute to muscle knots. These increasingly tight areas can potentially lead to a greater risk of injury, not to mention a decrease in flexibility. Keep in mind that these stretching exercises function best when done after a workout, rather than before. Static stretches can impede performance...

4 Quick and Easy Exercises to Stabilize Your Core

Major muscles of the core are not groups we regularly think of to engage in our day to day lives, especially outside of the gym. Our posture at the computer crumples, sitting up at the dinner table descends, and our overall chair composure collapses. Weakness in the core as a result of these poor sitting ergonomics can lead to functional instability of the core as a whole. Practically, this plays out as difficulty supporting the spine; as such, weakness in the core can commonly cause issues like lower back pain. Lack of proper use of muscles supporting the core, such as various hip flexor and...

How Using A Private Cash Pay Physical Therapy Practice Can Actually Save You Time And Money

More and more physical therapy and healthcare practices are transitioning to a cash pay or concierge business model. The reason for this is it allows the clinician to provide better care to their patients while saving the patient time and money. However there is some misunderstanding on how this business model works, so I thought it would be appropriate to address some questions I have gotten. Why Cash Pay Physical Therapy If you have been to a traditional physical therapy clinic you were probably asked to come in 2-3 times per week for a certain length of time depending on the nature of your...