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5 Benefits of Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercise Cary Nc
We all know that regular exercise is an important aspect of living a long and healthy life. For some this task may be easier than for others. Whether it’s finding the time, the energy, or just purely the desire to exercise, we understand that picking up weights or running a few miles at before or after the work day might not be your thing. Group exercise classes are a nice alternative to the daily grind of a regular exercise routine. Here are 5 reasons why you should try a group exercise class: 1) Workout with friends There is nothing more motivating than working out with a small group...

Why Wait for 2016, Get a Jump Start on Your Health

As the sights, sounds and smells of fall turn to winter, we know that the holiday season is coming up. That means family parties, celebrations and lots of food, drink and treats. As the holiday season ends and the calendar turns to 2016, (I know 2016, it just sounds crazy to say that), there will be a flood of people using the New Year as a reason to start a journey to a healthier life. While I applaud everyone who wants to take that step, my question to you is why wait? There is no time like the present to learn how to eat better and start exercising. Going it alone can be tough which is why our...

3 Plyometric Exercises to Build Lower Body Power

Being powerful not only helpful for an athlete, it’s really a necessity and power starts with the lower body. You probably have seen Olympic lifts like the hang clean and snatch on You Tube, commercials and probably at your local gym. While these exercises are great at developing strength and power if performed correctly, they are certainly not required to improve your lower body power. So if you are looking to improve your lower body power without performing any Olympic lifts, here are some basic exercises you can do with minimal equipment or space necessary. 1. Box Jumps There are plenty...

The Lactic Acid Myth

Have you ever had that feeling after a hard workout where your muscles felt sore, fatigued, and maybe even painful? Well don’t blame that soreness on lactic acid. Lactic acid has taken a beating over the years due to the belief that this was the source of that post workout pain. Understanding what lactic acid is, the role it plays in exercise, and what the real source of our post exercise soreness is may actually change the way you look at your recovery days. Lactic Acid or Lactate? Without getting into the chemistry behind the two, the most important difference is that lactic acid is just...

Physical Therapy and Pilates

Prue Physical Therapy and Sports Performance is excited to announce we will be adding a Pilates Based Physical Therapist to our practice. So in honor of that exciting announcement we thought we would share some helpful tips to get you geared up for Pilates. 7 Ways Pilates Can Improve Your Health Develop a Strong Core Pilates is a great method of exercise to improve your core strength. This includes your hips, glutes and abdominals. Pilates challenges you to learn how to engage muscle groups that can be difficult to target with alternative forms of exercise. Reduce Back Pain By improving your...

5 Things to Look for in Your Personal Trainer

Whether you are starting to exercise for the first time, are looking to spruce up your current training program, or maybe you just completed physical therapy and are looking to continue your recovery a good personal trainer can play an important role in your health and fitness. However, with so many different personal trainers out there, it can be difficult to pick the right one for you. So the physical therapists and personal trainers at our Cary NC physical therapy practice got together to help you simplify the process. Here are 5 questions you should consider when selecting a personal trainer....