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Category Archives: Injury Prevention

Why Start An Injury Prevention Program

Injury prevention programs are one of the hot new things in healthcare and personal training. However unlike other fads and trends, this new thought process of stopping injuries before they occur is likely here to stay, and for good reason. Injury prevention programs are similar to regular maintenance on your car. You change the oil, filters and get belts and other areas inspected to prevent larger more expensive repairs in the future. So why do we treat our own body worse than we do our car? What is an injury prevention program? Injury prevention programs can have different components, and...

IASTM for Crossfit Athletes

No matter what the workout of the day is, or wherever they train, Crossfit athletes share one common feature. They like to push their bodies as hard as they can every day. Like other athletes who participate in intense physical training or other physical activities, it’s not uncommon to wake up stiff or sore the morning after a hard workout. Soreness probably won’t stop a Crossfit athlete from training, but it may cause them to move less efficiently which can limit their ability to have a quality training session. While this soreness may not directly cause an injury, poor lifting mechanics...

Common Overuse Injuries in Youth Athletes and How You Can Help Prevent Them

Overuse injuries represent approximately 50% of all pediatric related sports injuries. It is also estimated that over half of these injuries can be prevented. So what is leading to this uptick in overuse injuries in the youth athlete population? Well, there are a variety of factors ranging from early sport specialization to poor mechanics and overtraining. What is an overuse injury? An overuse injury is physical damage to a bone, muscle, ligament, or tendon due to repetitive stress without allowing time for the body to heal. Often these injuries go untreated for far too long because the athlete...

What is IT Band Syndrome, and How Can I Treat It?

Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) is one of the most common overuse injuries among runners, but what exactly is it? The IT Band (ITB) is a long, thick, fibrous band that runs along the outside of your leg. It starts at your pelvis and ends right below your knee. Athletes like runners or cyclists that flex and extend their knee repetitively can develop pain on the outside of their knee because of the friction between the ITB and their knee. If you have weak hip muscles, particularly the gluteus medius, you are increasing susceptible to suffering this kind of injury. Other factors like pronated...

ACL Injury Prevention

Decreasing overuse and non-contact injuries is a major focus at Prue Physical Therapy & Sports Performance. Many of you know that we offer free injury prevention screenings, injury prevention programs and conduct seminars on different topics pertaining to injury prevention and proper training tips. We would like to continue sharing more information on these topics using a series of blog posts. So if you have a certain question or topic you would like to know more about feel free to email us at or message us on Facebook and we may select your question for one of our next...