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Why Wait for 2016, Get a Jump Start on Your Health

Personal Training Cary NCAs the sights, sounds and smells of fall turn to winter, we know that the holiday season is coming up. That means family parties, celebrations and lots of food, drink and treats. As the holiday season ends and the calendar turns to 2016, (I know 2016, it just sounds crazy to say that), there will be a flood of people using the New Year as a reason to start a journey to a healthier life. While I applaud everyone who wants to take that step, my question to you is why wait? There is no time like the present to learn how to eat better and start exercising. Going it alone can be tough which is why our personal trainers are available for you to start your New Year’s Resolution a little early this year.

Why a Personal Trainer?

During the first few weeks of any diet or exercise program, most of us are completely gung ho about it, almost to the point of being obsessed with sticking to it. However it doesn’t take long to slip up one day, eat something we should have passed on or missed a day at the gym. Those slip ups become more and more frequent until we are back in our bad habits of years passed, just in time for the warm weather. A personal trainer can help guide you and keep you focused on the process and help motivate you when times get tough. I get it, there are winter mornings when the alarm goes off at 6:00 am and we don’t want to leave that warm bed to workout. When someone like a personal trainer is there to hold you accountable, it is easier to stick with your program and work towards your goals.

I Don’t Need a Personal Trainer, I Know How to Exercise and How I Should Be Eating

Not everyone needs or wants a personal trainer tracking every move they make. However our Cary NC personal trainers are experts in exercise program design and nutrition. While individuals can scour the internet for information, it’s nice having easy access to a resource that can answer all your questions and help guide you along the way. A well designed exercise program and nutritional guide can help you work efficiently towards your goals, like the old saying goes “work smarter not just harder”. Your body is a complex machine, and not every program you find on the internet is meant to meet your individual needs, medical history and goals.

If you are interested in starting your New Years resolution a little early this year, and avoid packing on those extra holiday pounds, give our office a call (919-678-8828) to speak with one of our personal trainers about how they can help you.

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