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5 Things You Need to Know About Low Back Pain

Does back pain stop you from participating in your favorite activities? Are you afraid that you wont be able to play 18 holes on a beautiful Saturday morning with your friends because you know your back pain will act up? Is sitting and watching your son or daughters soccer game nearly impossible because your back becomes too stiff? Then you are probably like millions of other Americans who are dealing with low back pain. Fortunately a life of bed rest and medication does not have to be in your future. A physical therapist can help you avoid painful and expensive surgeries, or a life of prescription...

6 Exercises From a Physical Therapist to Help Your Golf Game

There is never a wrong time to improve your golf game and improve your health at the same time. Whether you’ve been lucky enough to get out on the course already, or even if you are still waiting for the last bit of snow to melt here are 6 simple exercises from our physical therapists to help improve your golf game. For video demonstration of each exercise visit our exercise video library. Sword Pull Can be performed with a light weight or resistance band. Start with your Right Hand placed over your Left Hip. Rotate arm out so that you are leading with your thump up, and raise your arm in a...