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5 Physical Therapy Tips to Help Knee Pain

Whether you deal with knee pain while running, walking, going up and down stairs, or just deal with day to day aches and pains, physical therapy can help eliminate the need to take prescription drugs and get you back to your favorite activities. Here are 5 easy tips to decrease your knee pain: 1. Strengthen your glutes Weak hips and poor motor control (coordination) can lead to added forces placed on your knee joint. Weak glutes in particular can also lead to poor pelvic positioning. These changes in mechanics can lead to overuse injuries and more traumatic injuries like ACL tears. Glute...

What are PT exercises?

Have you ever heard any health and fitness professional say that they offer physical therapy, physiotherapy or PT exercises? It’s common to hear non-physical therapists like chiropractors, personal trainers, and even athletic trainers say that they offer and can provide “PT exercises”. The truth of the matter is, there are no such thing as “PT exercises”. The only exception is when a patient who is seeing a physical therapist says they have completed their “PT exercises”. I allow this exception because I understand the patient means they have completed the exercises their physical...