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Why Wait for 2016, Get a Jump Start on Your Health

As the sights, sounds and smells of fall turn to winter, we know that the holiday season is coming up. That means family parties, celebrations and lots of food, drink and treats. As the holiday season ends and the calendar turns to 2016, (I know 2016, it just sounds crazy to say that), there will be a flood of people using the New Year as a reason to start a journey to a healthier life. While I applaud everyone who wants to take that step, my question to you is why wait? There is no time like the present to learn how to eat better and start exercising. Going it alone can be tough which is why our...

The Lactic Acid Myth

Have you ever had that feeling after a hard workout where your muscles felt sore, fatigued, and maybe even painful? Well don’t blame that soreness on lactic acid. Lactic acid has taken a beating over the years due to the belief that this was the source of that post workout pain. Understanding what lactic acid is, the role it plays in exercise, and what the real source of our post exercise soreness is may actually change the way you look at your recovery days. Lactic Acid or Lactate? Without getting into the chemistry behind the two, the most important difference is that lactic acid is just...